Who We Are

Our dedicated team of lawyers, specialists & human resources consultants.


Legal & HR Consultants

At Ignite HR & Employment Law our team is family, here to support your business with our extensive combined expertise in Law and Employment Consulting, Human Relations and more.
Our team of HR consultants and Employment Law Specialists are passionate, authentic, & always curious. We are ready to leverage, support, & transform your people & culture function. We use both employment lawyers and human resources professionals to provide tailored solutions for our clients. We offer end-to-end support to ensure you're actively working to create and foster high-performing and engaged teams that are legally compliant, with best practice in mind. 

Principal Lawyer & Founder

Karen Ansen

Karen is a relationship-focused, holistic, and pragmatic legal practitioner, with just shy of 2 decades of experience in workplace, industrial relations, and employment law. Karen’s ability to connect with others, guide them through a journey, and deliver outcomes is a unique skill, which is highly valued and sought after. 
Passionate about creating an organisation that challenges the traditional perception of employment law and human resources, Karen leads with expertise, empathy, and vision. Karen’s infectious laugh, and personable nature, make her the spark of the team. 
Employee Relations

Jaylene Trovato

Jaylene is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in compliance management and quality auditing. Originally focussed on ensuring regulatory adherence across various industries, she seamlessly transitioned her expertise to employment law.

Jaylene’s unique strength is her ability to simplify legal concepts. Recognising the need to demystify legal jargon, she brings a refreshing and inclusive approach to ensure individuals and organisations understand their rights and responsibilities without unnecessary complexity.
Dedicated to fostering meaningful connections, Jaylene adopts a client-centric approach to drive positive outcomes.

Fearlessly Authentic

We are empowered and empower others to be who they are. We recognise that we are all unique and embrace both our likeness and individuality.
​We focus on building genuine and real connections with each other, and our clients, and let our personalities shine through.

Always learning, always growing

We lead without ego,  judgment, or jargon, and make time to share our knowledge and skill with those around us.

​We put our hand up for new challenges and opportunities that will grow and strengthen our expertise.

Balance over burn out

We value and respect each other's time and company, and aim to create a workflow that creates a balance for us and our clients. 

​We recognise the value of balance and wellness on productivity and put our hand up when we need help or time out. 

Celebrate Diversity

We respect the diverse backgrounds and lived experiences of all, and strive to be inclusive in all aspects of our work.

​We actively work towards creating, supporting, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, and take an active role in societal change.